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$5 Gift Card:

Either you are an existing patient of ours or not, we are happy to give you a special gift as a token of our appreciation when you refer friend(s) or relative(s).  We will contact you as soon as possible when they arrive; and we make sure we provide them a great dental experience at our office.  Click
here  if you wish to make them an appointment.  We thank you in advance. 

No Insurance?  We Can Help: 

We offer an
affordable new patient complete exam, x-rays, and regular cleaning for only $85 (adult) and $50 (kids under 15 years old). Follow-up regular check is $120.00 (adult) and $100.00 (kids under 15 years old). 

"We are here to help our community to have a very healthy smile forever....."

Complimentary Braces Consultation: 

Are you unhappy with your smile or have difficulty chewing...?   Visit our office; and we will thoroughly evaluate your orthodontic needs for FREE.  Click here  to make an appointment. We look forward in seeing you soon toward your first step in achieving your beautiful and healthy smile.  Click here  about braces. 

Complimentary Implant consultation:

Tired of not able to chew and enjoy your favorite food...?  Consider restoring your smile and chewing with Implant. Visit our office; and we will thoroughly evaluate your implant candidacy for FREE.  Click here  to make them an appointment. Click here  about Implant.

Once we have completed restoring your chewing with implant, we want you start enjoying your favorite meal by offering you a $50 gift certificate from a restaurant of your choice. 

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